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Important Information for All Newly Admitted Students – HERE

  • Be sure to set up your SDSU Global Campus account and your SDSUid when you receive the emails from us.
  • These are two different accounts and both are important. Remember the login information!
  • If the link you receive to set up your SDSU Global Campus account is not working, please DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT directly on the website.
  • Your RED ID number is the number you received when you are admitted to the program, it starts with “8”.
  • If you are an agent of a student, please DO NOT set up the DUO MFA with your phone number or tablet.

About Information on this Blog

If you are a newly admitted student for a future term, you are welcome to review the information to get a better idea of what to expect in this program. Please know that as your term’s start date gets closer, some information and process on this page will be updated.

Students who studied with us in previous semesters, please refer to Post-Semester Information Page for information about ordering the official SDSU transcripts and to request a certificate.