Reference – Registration and Classes (Fall 2023)

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Schedule Adjustment Deadline
Classes that are on your schedule after the schedule adjustment deadline will be permanently on your SDSU transcript. The official deadline for fall 2023 is September 1, 2023 @ 11:59pm

Advisors will be available to answer your questions in person or via zoom. For more details, please refer to Advising.

Minimum Units Requirements
If you are on an F-1 visa, you must be enrolled as a full-time student. For immigration purposes, full-time status is 12 units for undergraduate courses and 9 units for graduate courses. For students who are planning to take courses in both levels, please check Canvas Homeroom for more details.

Course level
Courses from level 100 – 499 are undergraduate level. For example ECON 101, MGT 475. Courses from level 600 – 799 are graduate level. For example BA 670, EE 760. Courses from level 500-599 can be for both undergraduate and graduate levels. If a student would like to take these courses at the graduate level, please speak to the professor of the course during the first day of class, and ask for graduate-level coursework.

Units – Additional
An undergraduate student may enroll in up to 12 units and a graduate student may enroll in up to 9 units. If you take 13 or more undergraduate units, there is an additional fee of $300 per unit. If you take 10 or more graduate units, there is an additional fee of $360 per unit. The extra unit fee applies to regular SDSU sessions and Special Sessions.

Units – Over-enrolling
During the registration period, you may enroll in a maximum of 18 units, however, be sure to drop unwanted classes by the add/drop deadline. Any classes you do not wish to take must be dropped or removed from the waitlist by the add/drop deadline. You will be charged for any extra units still on your schedule after the add/drop deadline. They will also show in your official SDSU transcripts.

Special Sessions
These are SDSU’s Fowler College of Business courses offered exclusively to ALI students through SDSU Global Campus. They have the same content and professors as SDSU courses and will appear on an official SDSU transcript. Students have to attend all classes and do all required readings and homework.

Sports Classes
You may take ENS (sports) classes for credit (these will appear on your transcript). ENS sports classes will require additional fees and are in addition to your tuition fees. For more information, please check Canvas Homeroom for details.

Students in Semester at SDSU programs may not join SDSU official sports teams or official clubs but may join intramural teams.

SDSU’s official learning management system (LMS). If a professor uses Canvas, you will gain access 24-72 hours after you are enrolled in the course. The login for Canvas is the same as your SDSUid.

Please note: If you drop a course, you may still have access to the course in Canvas. If so, please ignore that course. 

Credit/No Credit
You may request to take a class for credit/no credit (pass/not pass). This request will be processed and approved by SDSU Global Campus Registration Office, and approval is not guaranteed. A graded class must be taken for a letter grade. Please speak to an adviser for more details.

Final Exams
Be sure to check the Final Exam Schedule for your classes before making flight or vacation arrangements. This is usually listed on the class syllabus. Do not expect professors to change exam schedules to fit your schedule. We recommend purchasing your ticket for the day after the program ends or later. Special Session final exam dates may be different than the SDSU Final Exam Schedule.

If you are applying to SDSU, you should not have any grades below a B.

Refer to Program Policy for details.

Official transcripts of coursework taken at San Diego State University must be ordered online. Refer to SDSU Transcripts for more information.

Students who violate a Semester at SDSU policy will be required to sign a policy violation agreement. Violating a policy may jeopardize your chances of continuing in the program for another semester or returning to the program in the future.

Applying to SDSU
Advisors can help you if you’d like to know more about degree programs at SDSU.