Semester at SDSU: Orientation

Semester at SDSU

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As an American Language Institute/Semester at SDSU student, you are required to arrive in the United States by the program start date on your I-20. There are mandatory events to attend from the program start date through the first day of classes, including Registration and Orientation.

Please visit the “Calendar” page above for a list of all event times.

Student services will be provided beginning January 13th, 2020

Program Welcome and Orientation

This is an introduction meeting and welcome to the program.

  • Learn about Semester at SDSU policies
  • Learn how to add & drop a class
  • Get your temporary ID card; learn how to get your permanent ID card
  • Campus Tour
  • Learn how to access Blackboard & WebPortal
  • Please bring the following items with you:
    • Passport
    • Document Holder & Pen

Coastal City Bus Tour

Take our free bus tour of San Diego beach areas. This is a great introduction to the San Diego landscape.


General questions regarding SDSU classes and Semester at SDSU policies.

January 14th – 31st