Semester at SDSU: Business Courses and Special Sessions

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Business Courses

Here at SDSU, there are six departments within the Fowler College of Business, they are Accounting (ACCTG), Business Administration (B A), Finance (FIN), Management (MGT), Management Information Systems(MIS), and Marketing (MKTG).

Many other departments on campus also offer business courses, such as Publish Administration, Economics, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Communication. These courses are less competitive in terms of availability, so our students have a better chance of getting into the courses. Click to see a list of courses that contain business-related content but are offered in various departments. The list is last updated on June 14th, 2022.

What are Special Sessions?

Special Session courses are additional course sections offered to accommodate the high demand for some of the most popular business courses. Special Sessions are created for students in Semester at SDSU programs. Depending on the course demand, the available courses for each semester are varied and usually confirmed one or two months before the semester begins.

Special Sessions courses use the same curriculum & syllabus as other sections and are taught by full-time faculty teaching other courses in the Fowler College of Business. Professors teaching these courses must be recommended and approved by the Department Chairs of the Fowler College of Business. A special sessions course will be listed in the official SDSU transcripts, as it is an official course recognized by SDSU.

These courses will not have American students in them, as they can take the class next semester, but most of you only have one semester at SDSU, so we want to ensure your enrollment this spring. The added benefit to Semester at SDSU students is that degree-seeking students CAN NOT take priority from you in these courses. Once you enroll in a Special Session, you are guaranteed the class, so for those of you needing these classes to fulfill your university or government scholarship requirements, this is a great option for you.

Remember that these are NOT easier versions of the courses, you will need to do the same exact work, and be held to the same requirements and standards of the class.