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General Classes with Business Related Content

Students in the Business Courses program may choose classes in most of SDSU’s departments – not only business – provided that the students are qualified and the classes have space.

Departments within the College of Business Administration include: Accounting (ACCTG), Business Administration (BA), Finance (FIN), Management (MGT), Management Information Systems(MIS), and Marketing (MKTG).  These classes are in very high demand, and as such, the ALI creates “Special Sessions” of some of the more popular classes to help meet this demand.  Special Session courses are courses offered exclusively for Semester at SDSU Business Courses Program students. These courses are taught by SDSU professors with the same content as on-campus College of Business Administration courses and appear on an SDSU transcript. Undergraduate students will be required to enroll in 2 Special Sessions and graduate students will be required to enroll in 1 Special Session for the spring 2018 semester. As of fall 2015, there are two separate business courses programs: graduate and undergraduate. Graduate business students must enroll in at least 6 units of 600-799 level courses, and are only able to enroll in 9 units to avoid paying additional unit fees. To access graduate business courses, you must apply to the graduate business program.

Students who consider it important to take classes with American students are advised to choose classes in General (non-business) departments, such as English, Geography, Mathematics, and many others.

It is important to note that the Department of Economics (ECON) is considered a General department and students who are only interested in enrolling in ECON courses should apply to the General Courses Program.

General Classes with Business Related Content

Below is a list of classes that contain business related content but are offered in various departments.  Semester at SDSU students are encouraged to take these classes as their chances of studying with American students is higher.


Dept. Course # Course Title Term Term
AMIND 370 Tribal Gaming Spring
ANTH 350 Cultures around the Globe Fall Spring
ANTH 353 Sustainability and Culture Spring
ASIAN 300 Asia’s Global Future Spring
CCS 301 Political Economy of the Chicano People Spring
CCS 355 The United States-Mexico International Border Fall Spring
COMM 307 Communicating in Professional Setting Spring
COMM 371 Intercultural Communication Fall Spring
COMM 406 Organizational Communication Spring
COMM 485 Communicating Leadership Fall Spring
CS 440 Social and Ethical Issues Fall Spring
ECON ALL Fall Spring
GEOG 102 Principles of Cultural Geography Fall Spring
GEOG 104 Geographic Information Science and Spatial Reasoning Fall Spring
GEOG 106 World Regional Geography Fall Spring
GEOG 321 United States Fall Spring
GEOG 324 Latin America Fall Spring
GEOG 340 Geography of Food Fall Spring
GEOG 354 Geography of Cities Fall Spring
GEOG 370 Conservation Science & Policy Fall Spring
HIST 441 Unnatural Disasters Spring
HTM 201 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management Fall Spring
HTM 223 Hospitality Managerial Accounting and Controls Fall Spring
HTM 250 Hospitality Law Fall Spring
HTM 301 Service Leadership Development Fall Spring
HTM 320 Hotel Management Fall Spring
HTM 330 Event and Meeting Industry Fall Spring
HTM 333 Weddings & Social Events Fall
HTM 340 Restaurant Management Spring
HTM 370 Tribal Gaming Spring
HTM 371 Tribal Gaming: Casino Operations Fall
HTM 373 Tribal Gaming: Marketing & Public Relations Spring
HTM 380 Hospitality Leadership Theory Fall Spring
HTM 425 Property Management in Hospitality & Tourism Fall
HTM 431 Convention Services Spring
HTM 433 Destination Management Services Spring
HTM 435 Sporting Event and Festival Management Spring
HTM 450 Venture & Entr Management in HTM Fall
HTM 453 Hospitality Sales & Marketing Fall
HTM 455 Hospitality Finance Management Fall
HTM 465 Hospitality Technology Fall Spring
HTM 480 Leadership and Coaching in Hospitality Fall Spring
HTM 490 Strategic Management in Hospitality and Tourism Fall Spring
ISCOR 300 Global Systems Fall Spring
ISCOR 301 Conflict and Conflict Resolution Fall Spring
JMS 412 Media Industries and their Audiences Fall Spring
JMS 440 Management of Media Organizations Fall Spring
JMS 450 Media & Cultures Fall Spring
JMS 460 Principles of Advertising Fall Spring
JMS 462 Advertising Strategy & Social Media Fall Spring
JMS 480 Principles of Public Relations Fall Spring
JMS 481 Public Relations  Media and Messaging Fall Spring
JMS 565 Advertising Campaigns Spring
JMS 581 Public Relations Research Methods Fall Spring
JMS 585 Professional Practices in Public Relations Fall Spring
MATH 120 Calculus for Business Analysis Fall Spring
P A 200 The Urban Scene Spring
P A 301 Concepts and Issues in Public Administration Fall Spring
P A 310 Management of Urban Governments Fall Spring
P A 330 Public Personnel Administration Fall Spring
P A 341 Administrative Management Spring
P A 350 Contemporary Urban Issues Fall Spring
P A 450 Fiscal and Budgetary policy Fall Spring
P A 460 Administrative and Public Policy Development Fall Spring
P A 520 Decision Making in the Urban Community Fall Spring
P A 531 Governmental Employer-Employee Relations Spring
P A 540 Public Administration System Analysis Fall
POL S 201 Elementary Statistics for Politcal Science Fall Spring
POL S 375 International Relations Fall Spring
PSY 280 Statistical Methods in Psycology Fall Spring
PSY 319 Industrial and Organizational Psychology Fall Spring
PSY 320 Personnel & Industrial Psychology Fall
PSY 321 Organization Psychology Spring
RTM 101 Recreation and Tourism Management Fall Spring
RTM 107 Recreation Leadership Planning Fall Spring
RTM 305 Leisure and Tourism Fall Spring
RTM 404 Cross-cultural Perspectives in Tourism Fall Spring
RTM 468 Marketing, Finance, & Assessment in RTM Fall
RTM 469 Administrative & Operational Aspects in RTM Spring
RTM 470 Global Sustainable Tourism Management Fall Spring
RTM 475 Commercial Recreation and Attraction Management Fall Spring
RTM 477 Sustainable Tourism Planning Spring
RTM 483 Outdoor Education and Camp Administration Spring
RTM 485 Outdoor Recreation Planning & Policy Spring
SOC 430 Social Organization Fall Spring
STAT 119 Elementary Statistics for Business Fall Spring
STAT 575 Actuarial Modeling Spring
TFM 330 Cultural Aspects of Media Fall Spring
TFM 401 Business Aspects of TV/Film Production Spring
THEA 335 Stage Management: Theory Fall Spring
THEA 336 Stage Management: Practicum Fall Spring
THEA 345 Theatre Marketing and Publicity Fall Spring
THEA 470 Facility Operations and Management Theatre Fall Spring
THEA 476 Event Coordination and the Entertainment Industry Fall Spring