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ALI – APRIL 2020 – EVENTS UPDATE (4/24/2020)

The ALI has begun offering daily virtual events for students.  These events involve everything from conversation sessions, to exercise, and even fun and games.  The link to the full list of virtual events can be found below.


ANNOUNCEMENT – 3/27/2020 – With the greatest level of caution, The American Language Institute has decided not to host physical Student Life events for the month of April.  We emphasize that all students please continue to self-quarantine, practice social distancing, and maintain good personal hygiene.

We recognize that not providing students with public events represents both a significant and unexpected adjustment for students.  If and when we have determined that there is zero risk to our students in holding events, we will update the blog here accordingly.

Please continue to visit the university’s public-facing COVID-19 web page, for updates.

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