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What is a syllabus? A syllabus is the lifeline for a class.  It tells you everything you need to know about the class, such as what content will be covered, the assignments, the required readings, what will be discussed in class on a certain day, how your grade in the class will be determined, and dates of exams.

The following departments provide syllabi for some of their classes on the SDSU Library website.

If you are not able to find the syllabus on the SDSU Digital Library website, please view the Archive link towards the bottom of this page. If you cannot find the syllabus on the archive site either, we do not have the syllabus in possession.


Click here for the: Syllabi Archive

Please note that all syllabi are subject to change and should only be referenced for course content. Textbooks, professors, assignments and course materials may vary per course. Please understand that not all courses are offered every semester and that obtaining a course syllabi does not guarantee that the course will be offered or that there will be space in the course. Further, it is important to note you will only receive syllabi from previous semesters.