ALI Student Sound-Off: Xie Baifan


Xie Baifan

Xie Baifan

Many students come to the American Language Institute to improve their English so they can move on and be successful at the university level. One student, Xie Baifan, is studying English so she can study to be a filmmaker at San Diego State University. After learning English at the ALI, Baifan applied to SDSU’s master’s program and was admitted to the Television, Film,and New Media (TFM) department in fall 2011. We caught up with Baifan and talked about her ALI experiences and what her goals are for the future.

Where are you from?
Changsha, Hunan, China. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications at Zhejiang University.

How long have you been at SDSU?
About nine months – I arrived at the end of August 2010. I spent two semesters in the EAP program and now this semester I’m an IEC student.

Why did you choose SDSU?
A friend of the family lives in San Diego and she suggested SDSU since she went here and loved it.

Where is your favorite place to eat?
I love the Thai restaurant across from campus, and I like the restaurants on Convoy street – and 99 Cent Ranch, but I mostly cook for myself.

What is your favorite thing about San Diego?
The beaches, no doubt. Coronado is my favorite and then La Jolla.

Have you made many friends here?
I made American friends making a video, and Korean, Brazilian and Japanese friends.

How did your time at the ALI help you prepare for going to main campus, SDSU?
Before arriving, I couldn’t speak an entire sentence of English. The environment here is so helpful. The ALI teachers taught me so much – especially Lind and Rebecca. They helped with my application submission to SDSU graduate school.

What do you plan on doing with your degree?
Well, I want to learn American media and I want to be a filmmaker. There are not many female filmmakers in China so that is my goal.