ALI Student Sound-Off: Natalia Mityushina

Natalia Mityushina

Natalia Mityushina

Natalia Mityushina left her mother, father, older brother and sister-in-law in Moscow, Russia to enroll in ALI’s Intensive English Communications (IEC) program so she could improve her English and find a better job after her study. She has been in San Diego for only two weeks, but has had many experiences and shares her observations.

Why did you choose SDSU?
When I was looking at English language programs in the U.S., I saw San Diego State’s ALI IEC program and I thought it would be a perfect fit for me and my goals – and, the weather is so different than in Russia. It’s warm here all year round.

What do you do when you are not in class or studying?
I go to the ARC to exercise and swim or go off campus with friends from Spain, France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Germany. I just went to Old Town and had a great time.

Have you had any opportunities to talk with Americans?
Yes, I have a lot of opportunities to talk with Americans. There are so many American students around so there are a lot of opportunities to speak to them. I also live in a dorm and there are many Americans who live there, so I talk with them all the time.

What is your favorite thing about San Diego?
You can talk to anyone here. Everybody is friendly and they are always smiling. The city is cute. There are great beaches and weather, and lots of places to see, experience, and learn about. And, there are plenty of chances to practice English.

Where do you live?
I live in the dormitory Tenochca Hall and have a Japanese roommate.

Where is your favorite place to eat?
Campus makes it convenient to eat so I usually end up going to the East Commons food court. I also go off campus to eat sushi with some of my new Japanese friends.

What is in your future?
I graduated with a master’s in financial management from Moscow State University. I want to improve my English and eventually work in a big finance company or run my own business in Russia. I also want to learn how to surf when I’m in San Diego. I have my first lesson on Friday.

What do you think about American culture and your San Diego experience?
I like American culture. Americans are always willing to give you a smile and talk to you. On campus the clothes are less formal – I saw a student this morning who had a dress on and also tennis shoes. I don’t think you would see that in Moscow. It’s like in the movies because I see many students wearing SDSU sweaters and t-shirts. They are proud of their university so they wear clothes to show that.