Courses with an International Emphasis

General department courses with an international emphasis:

Dept. Course # Course Title Term Term
CJ 571 Drugs: Domestic and International Perspectives Spring
ECON 330 Comparative Economic Systems Fall
ECON 360 International Economics Problems Fall Spring
ECON 490 Money & Banking Fall Spring
ECON 561 International Trade Spring
ECON 592 International Money Theory & Politics Fall
GEOG 554 World Cities: Comparative Approaches to Urbanization Fall
HIST 441 Unnatural Disasters Spring
ISCOR 320 International Security: Nuclear Age Fall Spring
JMS 574 International Advertising Spring
JMS 591 Global Technology Fall
LATAM or CCS 355 The United States-Mexico International Border Spring
P A 580 Comparative Public Administration Fall Spring
P H 362 International Health Fall Spring
POL S 375 International Relations Fall Spring
POL S 380 Human Rights Global Perspective Fall Spring
POL S 393 Institute World Affairs Spring
POL S 482 International Relations: Latin America Fall
POL S 560 Comparative Public Policy Spring
POL S 575 International Relations: Pacific Rim Spring
POL S 577 Politics of International Law Fall Spring
POL S 675 Seminar/International Relations Fall
PSFA 350 International Studies Fall Spring
TFM 330 Cultural Aspects of Media Fall Spring
TFM 363 International Cinema Fall Spring