Semester at SDSU: Choosing Classes

Semester at SDSU

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Enrolling in SDSU Classes

Semester at SDSU students add classes on a space-available basis, after matriculated students have enrolled. Classes are added and dropped through an online enrollment system. Information on this system and the enrollment process will be given at Orientation.

Students are not permitted to enroll in classes that overlap in day or time, not even by one minute.

Business Course Students: You will follow a modified procedure for adding Special Sessions. Details will be provided at Orientation.

Classes open to Semester at SDSU students

You may choose from most of the classes listed in the current class schedule.

Current class schedules are posted one or two months before the start of classes. Please refer to the previous fall semester for likely fall classes and the previous spring semester for likely spring classes. For example, refer to Spring 2020 for likely classes available in Spring 2021 (or Fall 2020 for Fall 2021).

You may:

  • Choose classes from one or more departments (all your courses do not need to be in the same department)
  • Choose classes from level 100-799 (see “Classes closed” below)
  • Take upper division undergraduate level classes (300-499) for which you qualify
  • If a class has a prerequisite, you may need to provide the professor with proof that you have already completed an equivalent prerequisite. (Proof should be in the form of an official transcript in English.)
  • Take graduate classes (level 600 and above) for which you qualify
    • To take a graduate class, you must provide proof of being a graduate student and/or proof that you have completed the appropriate prerequisites. (Proof should be in the form of an official transcript in English and/or diploma/degree).
  • Take both graduate and undergraduate classes (graduate students only)
    • 500 level courses can be either graduate or undergraduate classes. Graduate students enrolling in 500 level courses should tell the professor you are enrolling for graduate credit. Some 500 level courses will not have a distinction.
  • Enroll in one (1) online course. – This does not apply to Fall 2020 semester.

Classes closed to Semester at SDSU students

  • Classes not listed in the current class schedule: Not all classes listed in the General Catalog are offered every semester. If the class is not in the class schedule, it is not offered that semester. Classes may also be cancelled or added near the beginning of the semester.
  • Level 800+ classes: These classes are Ph.D. doctoral and professional classes that are only open to students who have been accepted to the specific doctoral program.
  • Nursing classes: Only students fully admitted to the SDSU Nursing program may take these classes.
  • Speech Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) classes.
  • Internship classes
  • Classes that departments have declared are for majors/graduates only: If you are unsure, please contact a Semester at SDSU Advisor.
  • Classes that professors/departments have declared closed (regardless of spaces available on the class schedule).
  • Classes that do not have a schedule number assigned. These courses have no set meeting time and have “ARR” assigned. These are Special Study/Research courses and students usually have a pre-existing relationship with a professor to be recommended.
  • Classes that have time conflicts, meaning the classes meet at the same day & time.
  • Classes in the following departments are only open to Business Courses students: Accounting (ACCTG), Business Administration (BA), Finance (FIN), Management (MGT), Management Information Systems (MIS) and Marketing (MKTG).

Explanations of course numbering and the grading system and an explanation of units can be found in the General Catalog.


Notes On Specific Departments for Semester at SDSU students

  • Psychology: Graduate courses in psychology are open to ALI students as long as you meet the prerequisites, there are available seats in the class, and you add the class as soon as possible – it probably isn’t a good idea for psychology classes to be a backup. Seminar classes are specifically tailored to the program and you will be unable to add these courses. Similar psychology courses may be found in the College of Education or Social Work departments
  • ENS Sports Courses: How to enroll in ENS sports courses:  Online (if you want the course for credit) or at the various tents around campus the first two weeks of classes (for no credit)
    • The ARC front desk handles the equipment fee payment. Equipment fees are not included in the Semester at SDSU tuition fee.
    • Make sure you specify you want the sports course for credit or non-credit
      • Credit means you want it to count as a unit (towards your F-1 visa status) AND it will show on your transcript.
      • Non-credit means you do not want it to count towards your visa status, do not want it on your transcript, and do not want to pay the additional unit fee (if this applies).

Courses to Consider

General department courses with an international emphasis:

Dept. Course # Course Title Term Term
CJ 571 Drugs: Domestic and International Perspectives Spring
ECON 330 Comparative Economic Systems Fall
ECON 360 International Economics Problems Fall Spring
ECON 490 Money & Banking Fall Spring
ECON 561 International Trade Spring
ECON 592 International Money Theory & Politics Fall
GEOG 554 World Cities: Comparative Approaches to Urbanization Fall
HIST 441 Unnatural Disasters Spring
ISCOR 320 International Security: Nuclear Age Fall Spring
JMS 574 International Advertising Spring
JMS 591 Global Technology Fall
LATAM or CCS 355 The United States-Mexico International Border Spring
P A 580 Comparative Public Administration Fall Spring
P H 362 International Health Fall Spring
POL S 375 International Relations Fall Spring
POL S 380 Human Rights Global Perspective Fall Spring
POL S 393 Institute World Affairs Spring
POL S 482 International Relations: Latin America Fall
POL S 560 Comparative Public Policy Spring
POL S 575 International Relations: Pacific Rim Spring
POL S 577 Politics of International Law Fall Spring
POL S 675 Seminar/International Relations Fall
PSFA 350 International Studies Fall Spring
TFM 330 Cultural Aspects of Media Fall Spring
TFM 363 International Cinema Fall Spring