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Semester at SDSU

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Add/Drop Deadline
Classes that are on your schedule after the add/drop deadline will be permanently on your SDSU transcript. The official deadline for each semester will be announced at Orientation and will be included in all Orientation materials.

Advising will be available to answer your questions. Exact times will be provided at Registration and Orientation.

Applying to SDSU
If you are planning to apply to SDSU or attend a university in the United States, please see the Pre-university Advisor in the ALI Office. The Pre-university Advisor’s advising hours are posted in the ALI office.

Aztec Recreation Center (ARC)
Semester at SDSU students will be able to activate a gym membership at the ARC and have access to most group fitness classes free of charge. After you receive your RED ID card, you can go to the ARC with your official SDSU student ID card and sign-up for your included membership.

This online system for course materials is used by many professors. If a professor uses Blackboard, you will gain access 24-72 hours after you are enrolled in the course. You can only access the classes in Blackboard for which you are officially enrolled and after you created a WebPortal account. The login for Blackboard is the same as your WebPortal login. Blackboard student help. Please note: If you drop a course, you may still have access to the course in blackboard. If so, please ignore that course. You can verify that the course has been dropped through your webportal account in the “My classes” section (non-Special Sessions courses only).

Campus Map

Please click here to access the interactive SDSU campus map.

Certificate – Hotel & Tourism Management
If you are earning an HTM certificate, you must take 12 units in areas of interest in hospitality (HTM) and/or recreation (RTM) and receive no grade lower than a B- to qualify for a certificate.

Certificate – Sustainable Tourism Management
If you are earning a the Sustainable Tourism certificate, you must take 12 units in specific courses. Please view the certificate information.

Computer Lab
The following labs are available for use by students: Gateway Center (GW): 1520, 1530, and 2519, Extended Studies Center (ESC): 105 and 207
Important: Please DO NOT enter a lab when the sign says “closed for class”.  Lab Printing Rules: You may print assignments related to SDSU/Special Session classes only. Do NOT print more than 10 pages. PowerPoint (ppt) printing must have six slides to a page (10 pages maximum). Do not print from the internet. If you need to print large documents, you may use printing services at the library.

Credit/No Credit
If you are an ALI student, you may take classes that are offered as credit/no credit, but you may not change the grading option. Graded classes must be taken for a letter grade.

Final Exams
Be sure to check the Final Exam Schedule for your classes before making flight or vacation arrangements. Do not expect professors to change exam schedules to fit your schedule. We recommend purchasing your ticket for the day after the program ends or later. Special Session final exam dates may be different than the SDSU Final Exam Schedule.

If you are applying to SDSU, you should not have any grades below a B. If you receive grades of less than a C in any of the SDSU classes in which you enroll or violate any Semester at SDSU policy, you may jeopardize your chances of being able to continue for another semester in the Semester at SDSU program and may be placed on academic probation the following semester.

If you wish to purchase a parking permit for the fall 2018 semester, the permit cost is approximately $171. You will need the vehicle license number, make, and model to purchase one. You may purchase a semester parking permit in person at the Parking Services office, located at the Public Safety building, or online

Students who violate a Semester at SDSU policy will be required to sign a policy violation agreement. Violating a policy may jeopardize your chances of continuing in the program for another semester or returning to the program in the future.

Special Sessions
These are College of Business Administration courses offered exclusively to ALI students through the College of Extended Studies. They have the same content and professors as SDSU courses and will appear on an official SDSU transcript. Once a student signs up for a special session, they cannot drop or switch the course. Students have to attend all classes and do all required readings and homework.

Sports Classes
You may take ENS (sports) classes for credit (these will appear on your transcript) or non-credit (will not appear on transcript). ALI students may not join SDSU sports teams (official or club) but may join intramural teams. You may take surfing and other water sports classes at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. ENS sports classes will require additional fees and are in addition to your tuition fees. Warning: students who do not need sports courses to fulfill their minimum unit requirement should enroll as “non-credit” to avoid paying extra unit fees. Please see a Semester at SDSU Advisor if you are not sure on how to add a sports course for credit or  non-credit.

Official transcripts of coursework taken at San Diego State University must be ordered online via the SDSU WebPortal. Click on “Official Transcripts” to order. If you do not already have a WebPortal account, follow the directions provided by the link above to create an account. Transcripts ordered online usually are mailed within 5 business days, but will take 4-6 weeks to be delivered to international addresses. There is also an electronic transcript available (PDF format) that can be emailed within 24 hours, but we recommend asking your home university before ordering  if they accept electronic transcripts.

Units – Additional
If you are an undergraduate student you may enroll in up to 12 units and graduate students up to 9 units. If you take 13 units or more (10 or more grad), there is an additional fee per unit. The extra unit fee applies to SDSU and Special Session classes.

Units – Over-enrolling
You may enroll in a maximum of 18 units at a time and drop classes by the add/drop deadline. Any classes you do not wish to take must be dropped by the add/drop deadline. You will be charged for any extra units still on your schedule after the add/drop deadline.

Units – Total
If you are on an F-1 visa, you must be enrolled as a full-time student. For immigration purposes, full-time status is 12 units for undergraduate courses (numbered 100-599) and 9 units for graduate courses (numbered 500 and above). ENS (sports) classes taken for credit are acceptable.

This is the online student information website. Students should sign up for WebPortal after officially enrolling in at least one course.